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Question for George Galloway Fans

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Johann Hari has produced 15 questions for a Galloway supporter, which are bril:

“Journalist Johann Hari poses 15 questions to a supporter of George Galloway.

If you are ever confronted by somebody who supports George Galloway or
has any sympathy for him, here are 15 questions to put to them:

(1) Do you believe Saddam Hussein’s genocidal assaults on the Kurds, democrats and Marsh Arabs in 1991 were “a civil war with massive
violence on both sides”?

(2) Would you go on holiday with the foreign minister of a fascist state?

(3) Would you go disco dancing with the foreign minister of a fascist state?

(4) Would you call for the release of the former foreign minister of a fascist state on the grounds that he is “an eminent diplomatic and intellectual person”?

(5) Do you believe Iraqi trade unionists today are “quislings”? Would you dismiss their tearful recollections of torture at the hands of Ba’athists by calling it “a party trick”?….”

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Arab News Reports

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Arab News reports from the OIC:

“The US must live up to its responsibilities and not be lenient with the perpetrators of the desecration and should bring those responsible for the despicable crime to justice immediately,” said OIC spokesman Ambassador Atta El-Manan Bakhit.”

Which makes me wonder what is the Sharia punishment for such a matter?Death?Or worst?

This stuff is scary and what is the ‘punishment’ for Apostasy?

Reminds me of the old Catholic Church’s attitude to heresy

The Spanish Inquisition

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