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Soaps are Good for You?

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The Torygraph reports that a new film in the Middle East “has broken new ground by daring to question the motives of terrorism committed in the name of Allah.”

“In the Ghazali family household in Wadi Kadum, East Jerusalem, the finale of Beautiful Maidens, to be broadcast on the last night of Ramadan, is eagerly awaited.

Amani Ghazali, 20, has watched all 29 previous instalments, which focus on life inside a compound in Saudi Arabia filled with families from other Arab nations.

For her mother, Sana, 37, the story line was particularly powerful as she spent her childhood living in a compound as an expat Arab in Saudi Arabia. “I believe the programme has shown two sides of Islam,” she said.

“One is a normal Muslim, who has a normal life. And one is an abnormal Muslim who wants to fight the Americans, to make jihad. But in practice, he is not fighting Americans, he is fighting his own people.

“She said the programme brought home how different she feels from those Muslims who commit terrorist acts in the name of religion. “I am a Muslim,” she said. “I pray five times a day, I fast during Ramadan. But I do not like the radicals who grow beards and wear flowing gowns.

“They claim they represent Islam. Their image was ugly in the series and in life. They recruit disenchanted people, who have social problems, and they are stupid.

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