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Spot a Wrong One

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Political ones web sites can be confusing, what is the message? Who are their backers? What is their aim?

A few years back I remember some Liberals/Lefties sending me a link to ,allegedly as a premier anti-war site.

It just shows how slow people can be at times, when they are fooled by the word ‘Zionist’ instead of ‘‘Jew’’. A bit of a give-away but surprising some people were taken in.

A cursory examination of via the WHOIS record reveals the connection, its Name Server is NS1.DAVIDDUKE.COM.

BINGO! David Duke, ex-Klan Wizard

Recently, I was told that was interesting, but the ranting on about Zionists and the ‘History of the House of Rothschild’ link made it all to obvious who was backing that web site: the extreme right.

The spectra of the extreme right masquerading as ‘‘Lefties’’, ‘‘Anti-Bushie’, radicals’ or ‘‘concerned about peace in the Middle-East’’ is relatively new but fairly transparent, once the blinkers of ‘‘Anti-Zionism’” are removed, hatred of Israel stopped momentarily and an ounce of common sense applied.

The extreme right are happy to play on the gullible or hate driven.

People with savvy shouldn’’t be taken in, if they apply some of the following:

1. Does the web page say ‘Zionist’ or ‘“Zionism’ a lot?

2. Is there a conspiratorial theme? New World Order, the Illuminati? Etc

3. What type of other sites does it link to? White Power? Elders of Zion stuff?

4. What keywords in the HTML source does it use? see point 2

5. Does the site mention “the REAL truth”? as if it a ‘secret’!

6. Check the site’s WHOIS info, etc for backers of the site, look for across linkage from other extreme right web sites

7. Cut and paste some of the site’s contentious articles into Google and see who links to them?

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