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Hostages in Iraq

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The reported fate of Tom Fox should make us reflected on Iraq and the “insurgency”:

“BAGHDAD (Reuters) – American hostage Tom Fox has been killed and his body, showing signs of torture, left on a garbage dump in Baghdad, police said on Saturday.

One of the policemen who found the body said the 54-year-old peace activist, wearing a grey tracksuit, appeared to have beaten by electric cables before his death. He had a single gunshot wound to the head and his hands were tied behind him.

Fox, who had been in Iraq to campaign against the U.S. occupation and to work for the release of Iraqis held by U.S. forces, was taken hostage with Norman Kember and two other colleagues in November by a group calling itself the “Swords of Truth”.

The latest video of hostages shows the frightening naivety by Christian Peacemaker Teams in venturing into Iraq.

The “insurgence” from the bombing of the UN compound in 2003 to the death of Margaret Hassan have shown a conspicuous disregard for humanitarian aid workers, journalists and others.

Yet the CPT and many others seemed to think they would be immune to the beheadings and attacks, simply because they were “anti-war” and decent folks, as shown by their statement:

“the current focus of the team has expanded to include efforts to end occupation and militarization of the country and to foster nonviolent and just alternatives for a free and independent Iraq.

All of which might be trueand very worthy, except do the “insurgences” or their allies really care?

The treatment of these decent CPT activists gives to the lie the notion that the “insurgences” only wish to attack representatives of “imperialism”.

The “insurgences” will attack anyone: women, children, poor migrant workers, journalists, engineers, aid workers, the UN staff, civilians near mosques and the military.

People can choose to believe what they will on their intentions, but the evidence of the “insurgency” list of atrocities grows by the day.

Let’s not kid ourselves about these killers.

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