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Help With Reform?

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MEMRI comes in for a lot of criticism, and as far as I can see most of it unconvincing or examples of sour grapes.

I think we should have a daily-translated summary of the Arabic media, to keep abreast of the output and issues, but until that happens, let’s use MEMRI

One of MEMRI’s new projects is Reform:

“MEMRI’s Reform in the Arab and Muslim World focuses on advocates of reform, and the debate surrounding it, within the Middle East and Muslim world. The project is divided into four main categories: Social Reform, which will focus on women’s rights, civil society, and educational systems. Political Reform, which includes debates on democracy and the rule of law, protection of the individual, and freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. Also, Religious Reform, which covers the debate on reform in Islam, as well as the misuse of religion. Finally, the Reform Project will cover Economic Reform, which examines issues of free market economy, globalization, and modernization.”

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