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MEMRI videos and FireFox

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MEMRI is a very useful resource, and Engage highlighted the latest trip of Neturei Karta rabbis Dovid Weiss and Aharon Cohen to Iran, that I wanted to watch.

However, my favourite browser, Firefox, does not like the CastUP video page at MEMRI, but some solutions are at hand.

Cheap and nasty solution: Right click, Copy Link Location from the [Play button], start up M$ Media Player and paste into [File] Open URL space. It will now play, without IE.

Simple solution: Right click and Save Link As, later on open with your pet media player, such MPC

Better solution: download the extension, MediaPlayerConnectivity.

After re-starting Firefox it will go thru a Setup Wizard (best take the defaults), go to the required MEMRI video and click on Play.

MediaPlayerConnectivity will bring up a left panel, either select the individual video or click on Play as playlist, which should bring up the associated media player. It works with both Media Player Classic and M$ Media Player.

It is not perfect but given M$’s attitude and software, they will do for now and Firefox 1.0.7 seems fairly happy.

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03/05/2006 at 21:30

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