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NATFHE boycott and blacklist of Israelis

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I have strenuously avoided commenting on the NATFHE boycott and blacklist of Israelis, partly in the hope that it wouldn’’t pass and because so many other blogs do a much better job of commenting and analysing the arguments.

Still, NATFHE passed the motion and I am left wondering what it actually achieves?

Does it help the Palestinians one iota? No. Will it change Israeli government policy? No

So who will benefit from this motion? 1) I suspect some ex-student radicals with more inclination to posture than think. 2) The extreme right will be overjoyed at the ““lecturers taking a stand against the Zionist entity””, etc

All very predictable and troublesome, but is there a ray of hope?

Probably, it seems that some academics will make a conscience effort to strengthen links with Israeli academics and hopefully with their Palestinian counterparts, examples such as the Olive Tree project should be expanded upon not curtailed.

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31/05/2006 at 01:14

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