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Chomsky Nailed Again?

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Chomsky is nailed again by Peter Beaumont in The Observer, and from the outset Beaumont is open about his own bias:

“I met Chomsky once at a New Statesman lunch and that nagging, bullying, wheedling voice has stuck with me since. It is a voice that brooks no dissent from his dissident view. ‘You’ll know … ‘ was his opening line on being introduced to two of us who covered the war in Kosovo, before launching into one of his favourite rants – that it really wasn’t the poor Serbs what done it, but nasty Nato.”

“Reading Failed States, I had an epiphany: that by applying a Chomskian analysis to his own writing, you discover exactly the same subtle textual biases, evasions and elisions of meaning as used by those he calls ‘the doctrinal managers’ of the ‘powerful elites’. The mighty Chomsky, the world’s greatest public intellectual, is prone to playing fast and loose.

“The case that he wants to make is that the US is uniquely awful.
In setting about this task quite so selectively, he allies himself with some obnoxious characters.”

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