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Statements or What?

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I am still digesting the news from the Middle-East, so probably won’t comment for a while, but one of my commenters (JohnG) wondered what I thought of the Lebanese Communist Party’s recent statement.

I think I give it as much credence as I would statements coming out of the North Korean CP or the speeches of Kim Jong Il, which is to say: zilch

Of course, I can see the Lebanese Communist Party’s point of view, either they side with Hezbollah or side with Israel and they are toast, not a hard political decision.

After all, Hezbollah are a sizable group of Islamist thugs, so if you lived in Lebanon would you want to cross them? Probably not.

Nevertheless, it brings up the point of: support for Hezbollah in the West.

I wonder why people in the West seem to have been dragged into the infantile nihilism of supporting Hezbollah?

They might choose to cover it with some “anti-imperialist” gobbledygook, but they are consciously supporting a pack of Islamist fundamentalists, who would gladly kill all Jews, Westerners or other “decadent” examples of Western hegemony, civil rights for women and gays, etc. if they had the means. Talk about rolling the clock back.

Here’s a tip for would-be supporters/sympathisers of Hezbollah.

When faced with a choice between modernity and reaction, pick modernity.

Hint: Hezbollah are not modernity.

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27/07/2006 at 21:59

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