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Samina Altaf

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The Home Office has rejected Samina Altaf and her children application to stay in Britain, if ever there was a deserving case it is hers:

“Samina and the children fled Pakistan after domestic abuse by her husband. All 3 suffer from severe rickets and, for the first time, are receiving proper medical support in this country. But the Home Office want to deport them.”

Disabled mum faces destitution

This case has been going on for a long time, as pickled politics and HP links show.

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31/08/2006 at 23:17

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Amazon’s Demise?

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Well, no, Amazon are still safe.

Finally, Google books are getting their act in gear: they will now allow the downloading of non-copyright books to PDF files.

The selection is fairly small but hopefully should expand with time.

Book lovers get to it

This article describes some of the technology behind the book scanning, very neat but incredibility pricey.

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30/08/2006 at 21:23

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With Friends Like This?

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I like the Engage web site, and found an interesting article on Sue Blackwell and some videos posted on YouTube.

I wondered to myself “what type of people make these videos and what are their underlying motives?”, here’s what I found.

I took a look at the various images posted under the user: israelpalestine on YouTube, who posted Sue Blackwell’s original video.

One video caught my eye, a small film by Ryan Dawson, called the Reality in Israel and Palestine

It is a polished piece of propaganda with very stark imagery of bodies or body parts, IDF soldiers continually pointing guns and acting aggressively. Plenty of sad looking children, parts of houses demolished, etc. and an evocative soundtrack.

And towards the end of the video there is the statement ”it is not anti-Semitic to disagree with the current government of Israel” and “fighting Zionism is no more anti-Semitic than fighting the Nazis would be anti-white”

Then plenty of strong evocative images and at the end an American flag overlaid with “anti-Neocons”

Powerful stuff, but I wondered who was Ryan Dawson? And Google came to my aid!

Ryan Dawson seems to run a forum for “anti-neocons” and in his introduction he expressly states that “Anti-Semitism is NOT the goal of this website.

A quick inspection reveals: Holocaust denial, David Icke followers and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Using the inbuilt search facility brought up a Holocaust denial article by Edgar J. Steele

Also, a weird topic “David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews”

Finally, plenty of stuff on 9/11 and guess who they think did it?? the Dancing Israelis, of course.

Ryan Dawson comments on the article “good find”

The Palestinians seem to have some allies amongst the David Icke “Lizards exist brigade,” backed up ably by the “9/11 was an inside job” crowd.

I cannot say that I am surprised, the most persistent and aggressive anti-Semites tend to articulate many of the weirder conspiracy theories as well, that make the protocols of the Elders of Zion look fairly mild by comparison.

I do feel tempted to ask Sue Blackwell and her pro-boycott friends about their views on Lizards, 9/11 and dancing Israelis.

Humm, still not too sure what they’d reply!

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New Verbs?

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English is a flexible language, incorporating foreign words with ease, and so the recent conflict in the Middle East gave birth to a new word: Hezbollization


(noun) A process whereby evil murderous thugs are turned into everyday heroes by an overzealous mainstream media. Hezbollize

(verb) Assign great social importance to gangsters, treat them as celebrities (Hez-boll-ized, Hez-boll-iz-ing, Hez-boll-iz-es)

Example 1: “Cross burnings bring warmth and comfort to homes without central heating, as caring KKK activists distribute clean white clothing among impoverished kids.”

Example 2: “Crips, Bloods, MS 13 organize daily after school programs, engage minority children in pharmacological economics and ballistics training”

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Conflict In Lebanon For Dummies

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I couldn’t resist this satire

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More TV?

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One of my rare commentors pointed out that the Holy Land tool bar does not have many Israeli TV channels, very true.

As far as I can see there are very few English language Israeli TV news channels available across the web, and the Holy Land tool bar provides links to all those accessible.

Some major ones, such as Channel 10 news, do not appear to broadcast in English on the web.

If anyone knows of any English language Israeli TV news channels, please email me or leave a comment.

Some people, for their own reasons, may be reluctant to install the Holy Land tool bar for fear that it might take control of their PC, or like the Iranian President’a web site download a virus or malware.

I can say this is not the case, after gruelling testing and scanning with Spybot, AVG, etc, I can declare that the Holy Land tool bar is harmless and a useful addition to news gathering.

So install and enjoy, unless of course, you think that all Israeli software is a Mossad or “Evil Zionist” type trick?

But if that were the case you’d hardly be watching Israeli TV would you?

Either way, your choice!

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Confirmation on 1701

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As discussed before, JPost reports

“The prospect of having to disarm Hizbullah, along with the fear of unclear rules of disengagement, have been largely responsible for European countries’ reluctance to send large contingencies to the force.”

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