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Writing on Lebanon

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I like Mike Totten’s work and his writings on the recent conflict in Lebanon were informative and accomplished.

Totten has just released a set of pamphlets, and one in particular caught my eye: Hassan Nasrallah: In his own words.

I am sure that the apologists and lickspittles for Nasrallah will denounce it as a tissue of lies.

No doubt they will argue that all of Nasrallah’s anti-Jewish statements are frauds, no matter the source, no matter how much corroboration there is, etc.

You’d expect it from such loons, much like 1930s Stalinists repeating the Party “line”, no matter how twisted or perverse it might be and at variance with reality. Nasrallah in their eyes can do no wrong, however, the rest of us know better.

I hope Amazon start to stock Mike Totten’s stuff shortly!

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09/10/2006 at 09:00

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