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Iraq and Unions

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After Donald Rumsfeld’s late resignation (he should have gone the day he was informed of events at Abu Ghurayb), I wonder if things will look up in Iraq?

I hope so, but am not so sure. Justifiably Rumsfeld has been panned by Generals and many military sources for his stupid, counter-productive and short-sighted attitudes in Iraq.

What happens in Iraq is anyone’s guess now, neighbouring countries are fuelling the “insurgency” and the divide between Sunni and Shi’ites political leaders may be too wide to bridge.

I suspect that Iraq will be split into three regions or statelets, there are many potential problems with this arrangement but it might happen almost by default, and the approaching 2008 US presidential elections will hasten the pace. I doubt that America will truly leave Iraq, they will probably keep some large bases in Kurdistan and the Kurds will welcome US support.

Whatever happens in Iraq and its regions, people in the West should assist the development of civil and public society there.

Trade unions play a key role in defending civil and human rights, and with the volatile situation in Iraq they are even more important, so I am pleased to support the TUC Iraq appeal.

(Hat tip: Tooting Station)

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08/11/2006 at 22:35

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