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Xmas. What To Do?

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I like Xmas, or more correctly the modern day Saturnalia.

I know I shouldn’t, I should as an atheist rant on about fake jollity, commercialisation and the non-existent birthday for Jesus, but I can’t.

I can’t because at heart I am an old sentimentalist, and the winters I remember a long ago were always a cold and miserable time.

Except that is, when Xmas came and for a few days before, we’d hunt around for presents, the anticipation was great.

Finally, the big day came, and we were up early, opened our presents and had a very nice meal later.

On Boxing Day and for a few days after, we had scraps from Christmas, a very nice bacon joint with bread.

Now I could rage about pagan festivals dressed up to suit prevailing sentiments, but I won’t, instead enjoy the event, chill out, don’t drink too much and send those cards early.

This video clip is my contribution to the holiday spirit strangely entitled “Xians against Xmas”, anyway I have a soft spot for pagan holidays.

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05/12/2006 at 19:07

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