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Fresh Coat of Ubuntu?

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The first betas of Ubuntu 7.04 have just been released.

I have been testing most of the alpha releases (the first rough codings) of Ubuntu and Xubuntu for weeks now.

I can say without a doubt that, if Microsoft’s, operating systems were half as good as Ubuntu Linux then the world would be a different place.

As it is M$’s, crappy and fully paid for, software is full of bugs and liable to crash at a moment’s notice, unlike Ubuntu.

During the complete testing period for Ubuntu I never encountered one, not one crash.

There were a few very minor setup issues, but once they were fixed nothing else needed sorting out. Ubuntu ran and ran and ran, without crashing, which is testament to how solid the alpha code was.

Recommended, but as always, do a complete backup before playing with any operating system!

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24/03/2007 at 01:55

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