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Arab Peace Plan on CiF

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Jonathan Freedland beat me too it. I had intended to write a small piece on Arab League peace plan but Jonathan Freedland got there before me. Whilst I don’t agree with many of his sentiments he has started some debate on the issue which is good.

What I found more interesting and somewhat predictable was the discussion on Comment is Free. You might imagine that as CiF is connected to The Guardian, Britain’s leading liberal newspaper, that the debate would be informed, pluralistic, considered and even a bit “liberal”?

Well no, that’s not how it turned out.

When CiF articles discuss Israel it seems that some of the commenters stop off at BNP HQ for inspiration first, as the discussions are invariably heated, bigoted and often express a barely concealed loathing for the existence of Jews. Of course nowadays CiF commenters habitually use the word “Zionist” when they mean “Jew”, but that just tells us how low the debate has sunk.

The problem is illuminated by EnglishroG’s comment (March 28, 2007 1:13 PM):

“Israel “always says it wants peace.”

The reality is that Israel wants land at a reasonable price in blood and treasure.

Palestinians supply the blood, the United States provides the treasure.

Until Israel has ethnically cleansed the entire West Bank it won’t agree to peace, just whine about anti-semitism and the holocaust blah blah blah.

It is fairly typical of the filth now found on CiF, which seems required reading amongst aged Mosleyites and BNPers.

I am glad the HOPE not hate, the Anti-Fascist Fortnight, has started.

However, next time I wish that they would extend it to an anti-fascist month of activities at The Guardian.

Chance would be a fine thing?

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28/03/2007 at 13:16

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  1. There are indeed, some truly disgusting people there.

    As you note, the abusive term “Zionism” – which as far as I’m concerned, is just a Moslem-resentment fantasy – is used in place of ‘Judaism’. conveniently deflecting from the FACT of Islamic/Jihadic expansionism, and their hostile aspirational/expansionist ideas almost wherever you see them in Europe: they want Islamic societies, wherever they are.

    CIF is a truly vile place. I got banned more times than I remember, because I don’t put up with that kind of **** which they don’t accept.


    29/03/2007 at 20:41

  2. I’m surprised at your innocence. Have you been on a demonstration recently, and not just “stop the war”. Have you been to a dinner party where the subject of Israel came up; even where 9-11 came up.

    Jews are always indirectly in the frame, and the range of problems they are “responsible” for grows daily.

    Even Jonathan Freedland’s article fits this picture. There’s not a word of scepticism of the offer. All the opportunities missed are missed by the Israelis. Those wicked Jews – once again they will have been offered the olive branch of peace by the “weaker” side no less and turned it down flat.


    14/04/2007 at 09:14

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