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Slavery in China

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China’s desire to become a fully fledged capitalist power is well-known, and her support for dubious regimes is equally well documented, but even China’s harshest critics would have hoped that she could avoid barbaric forms of pre-capitalistic slavery, but alas no, as reported by the BBC:

“Thirty-one dirty and disorientated workers have been rescued from a brickwork factory in China, where they were being held as virtual slaves.

Eight workers were so traumatised by their experiences that they were only able to remember their names.”

Apparently, this is happened at least once before in 2001:

“An article by Bruce Gilley published in this week’s Far Eastern Economic Review (16 August 2001) recounts how 27 men were forced to work as slaves, for 12 hours a day and no pay, in a brick factory in Dingzhou, China.

The key passage is:

“China still has not ratified the International Labour Organization’s Convention on Forced Labour 1930 No.29) or the Convention on the Abolition of Forced Labour 1957 (No.105)”

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