“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Vacant Legacy

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The spectacle of age old Tories and political dinosaurs, such as Quentin Davies, joining the Labour Party should be slightly amusing, if it didn’t indicate how far to the right that Labour has shifted. Over the years, some four Tories MPs have joined Labour, none of them seemed particularly bothered by existing Labour Party policies, which is a bit surprising but then none of them have really broken with their Tory upbringing.

That noise in the background is Clement Attlee, spinning in his grave.

In the past, the Labour Party has had its fair share of ex-aristocrats, Oxbridge graduates and the odd military type, but the fact that these Tory reptiles can sliver a cross the floor of the House of Commons without a hostile comment is all the more remarkable. Well, it would have been until ten years ago, that is.

Years ago, on the Labour side, there would have been many heated objections into accepting these Tory odd fellows but under Blair’s rule that hardly matters.

Most of these Tories have joined for purely mercenary reasons, keeping their nice rural seats (or being parachuted into new ones), closeness to political power and nor forgetting the plus of their index-linked pensions.

Still, not that such concerns will unduly worry Tony Blair, and I would suspect that within a year or so Tony Blair will become Lord Blair of Dodgy Peerages. He will be able to strut across the international stage like the aimless and vacant individual that he’s proven to be in the past ten years.

One legacy of Tony Blair is to make the Labour Party a retirement home for Tory snakes and chancers.

The Labour Party, created by the trade unions and the force behind much of the modern Welfare State, has become the refuge of City bankers, Tory spivs and the embodiment of privatisation, a fitting tribute to Tony Blair.

Just as one tory exits the Labour Party, another has joined.

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28/06/2007 at 01:01

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  1. I picked this up (16 months later) from a link WordPress automatically generated in my blog
    (Not just shameless self promotion- honest! You may well understand the ‘link’)

    I turned 18 in ’87, and voted LibDem that year. In the intervening years I have seen Labour move from ‘too far Left’ to ‘Too far Right’ (though my politics have drifted Left)

    Now, in the middle of the Bank Crisis, we see Brown re-introduce a form of Keynesian economics. Marx didn’t work (people are too greedy), Capatalism is teetering (people are too greedy). Any chance of some Humanism?

    Last Hussar

    22/10/2008 at 00:35

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