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That’s Alright, Keep Your Guns.

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I had not intended to blog on Alan Johnston’s release as so many people have covered this topic and with greater clarity then I could hope for, but an item caught my eye in the Times:

“…But by 3am the negotiations had again hit a stalemate: Mr Dagmoush was afraid that if he disarmed, enemy clans with whom he and his men had longstanding blood feuds would swoop on them. In the end, Hamas agreed that the kidnappers could keep their weapons – if they used them against Israel – and that the Islamic movement would protect them against their enemies. Still, Mr Dagmoush hesitated.

Both sides finally agreed to bring in an outside mediator. The only man they could mutually agree on was Salman Dayeh, a 49-year-old independent religious cleric who teaches Sharia at the Islamic University.

“He is known for his justice and fair dealings all over the Gaza Strip. He was the only person who could command the respect needed to end this crisis,” said Abu Khatab, an uncle of Mr Dagmoush who served as one of his chief advisors during the negotiations.

Mr Dagmoush asked the cleric one question: “What is God’s opinion regarding the abduction of this journalist?” Sheikh Dayeh recalls his answer: “According to religious law the answer is clear: his freedom has to be returned to him. Keeping him in captivity is against religious law.” The answer amounted to a fatwa, or religious order. Mr Dagmoush found himself backed into a corner.

Certain members of Mr Dagmoush’s family, including Abu Khatab, had been pressing him to release Johnston. Their reasoning was partly financial: the family’s arms smuggling business had been boycotted by some of its best customers because it was holding the British journalist….”

The Dagmoush clan kept their weapons, gun running and criminal operations.

Hamas are happy for this band of thugs and brigands to keep their weapons as long as they are aimed at Israelis. Hmm, yeah, sure they want peace? Oh yeah.

Johnson’s release should heighten our concern for Gilad Shalit, a new blog is dedicated to him.

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