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Spell Out the Objections

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One of my very few commentors responded to my previous blog, on what appeared to be a rather callous remarks about the reporting of antisemitic attacks.

I am not particularly interested in discussing Nick Cohen’s dining habit or the Littlejohn programme, as I haven’t seen and probably won’t.

I want to concentrate on the issues of the reporting of antisemitic attacks.

I think it is perfectly possible to have political debates over the nature of the conflict in the Middle East and acknowledge that physical attacks are taking place on Jews at higher levels than have for years. They are two separate issues, one is political and the other is concerning empirical data.

So let’s look at some of the comments:

1. “Well it would help if somebody commissioned a reliable and objective report into anti-semitism.”
2. “The parliamentary enquiry was notable primarily for using reports compiled with dubious methodology, by bodies with a vested interest in hyping the problem. ”
3. “Nor do I consider any commission chaired by Denis MacShane terribly credible on anything connected to Israel, which this was.”

Who exactly would commission such a report? If it were remotely connected to anyone Jewish, they surely Cian, you would object?

There have been many criticisms of the Parliamentary Inquiry, but could you show one professional criticism of the methodology? Which you term as “dubious”?

Are you suggesting that any commission, which is remotely connected, to Israel is somehow contaminated? Or bound to lie because it is made up for Jews?

The thrust of your arguments seems to disparage any reporting on antisemitism, and as far as I can see you, Cian, haven’t criticised any other form of hate crime reporting? If you have, please provide evidence?

Please spell out your points, Cian, strictly on the reporting, let’s not get side tracked into discussing Israel, for the moment.

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The Daily Mail and Campbell

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Thanks to mreugenides for pointing me towards the Daily Mail headline generator and Alastair Campbell’s Wheel of Retribution

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