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Open Thread for Avi

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One of my few commenters, Avi, is a veritable whirlwind and I would freely admit that I can’t keep up with his output.

Under WordPress many comments have to be moderated, and it is a bit of a chore for me, so I prefer discussing matters on other sites (HP, Shiraz Socialists, etc), it is a bit easier on my poor mind and fingers.

However, as this approach doesn’t seem to be acceptable, I have created a thread just for Avi and his comments.

Please feel free to contribute.

I shall pass a jaundiced eye across it once in a while, but I find the stream of consciousness type of discussion not to my taste, I prefer to discuss tangibles and specifics, but don’t let me stop you from having a good rant.

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Site(s) of the Week/Month 24

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Picking sites is difficult but two recently made that choice slightly easier.

Good history web sites are rare, so with pleasure I present:

The Best of History Web Sites

My second choice is very topical, and I think that nearly all antiracists and antifascists will appreciate it.

The David Irving trial, where he chose to sue Professor Deborah Lipstadt for libel, opened many people’s eyes to the lies and falsehoods that he and many others had put forward, equally it showed the shift in the techniques employed by antisemites, such as Irving. The trial demonstrated that antisemitism is not static, it changes it evolves and the lies become more insidious and take on new forms.

Until that point some historians had even given Irving the benefit of the doubt, after the trial is that was no longer possible as his slippery, utterly dishonest and pro-fascist methods were open to full scrutiny.

Through very hard work the thousands of pages which comprised the original trial had been correlated together and are presented at:

Holocaust Denial on Trial

Highly recommended, along with Professor Richard Evans‘ book on the trial, Lying about Hitler which summarises many of Irving’s numerous lies and deceitful practices.

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