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License to Iplay?

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Want to watch the Beeb but have no aerial or live 1000s of miles away?

There is a solution: the Iplayer

The BBC has just released their Iplayer into beta, it allows users to download and play recent BBC programmes.

There are some restrictions and DRM issues, the Torygraph covers some of these issues.

Becky Hogge at the New Statesman expresses her concern that the Iplayer runs only under Windows.

Even before final launch the DRM seems to have been cracked, according to zdnet:

“The iPlayer, which is based on Microsoft’s media player and DRM technology, is due to be launched on 27 July. It has already attracted controversy and criticism over the decision to use proprietary technology for a platform supposedly catering to all licence-fee-payers — at its launch it will work only on computers running Windows XP — but the recent reappearance of FairUse4WM, a utility that can strip the copy protection from Windows Media Player content, threatened fresh problems for the scheme.”

Update: From the message board looks like the Beeb are having problems.

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27/07/2007 at 01:01

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