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Young and Facebook

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Your very own intrepid blogger has been exploring Facebook.

I felt that after people’s remarks and the flood of news concerning this Internet phenomena that I should explore it more fully.

Facebook is fairly well designed and very youthful, most users seem between 15 and 30. The interactive features are functional and messaging is uncomplicated.

Instead of forums, Facebook has groups, many of them are juvenile and facetious as you might expect given the user base, but that does not detract from the overall usefulness of groups as a means of communication.

Facebook is free and the adverts are unobtrusive.

If Facebook has one slight fault, then it is the process of finding interesting groups which is a bit tedious, the search facility is rather limited but not necessarily an obstacle (I was looking for groups on historical topics, etc but couldn’t find too many decent ones).

Facebook has add-ons (or widgets to some people) called applications, which provide additional functionality.

Here are a few reviews of various Facebook applications.

And an article on Facebook privacy.

Honest, I don’t feel my age, well, not too much.

Update: I should have explained better.

Facebook is a collaborative piece of software, which is accessible from the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc). It allows users to send messages between each other and collaborate. Also it has discussion forums on various topics.

It does not require any software to be installed on the user’s PC.

All that is required is a web browser and, ideally, an e-mail account.

Setting up a Facebook account takes about 2-3 minutes.

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07/08/2007 at 00:43

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