“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

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An item on Bob from Brockley’s blog sent me down memory lane.

The 1970s were a far simpler time politically speaking, people knew what they were and what they weren’t, and so it was in Lewisham in the late 1970s.

Back then, the Left knew that they had to fight fascism and fascist head-on, did so with skill and determination.

Lewisham 1977 was a culmination of many battles across Lewisham and Southeast London around that period.

A vast array of people came together to oppose the fascists in the National Front, some were politicos, some were activists, many were trade unionists, civil rights activists, feminists, gays, even a few vicars and others just disgusted by the racist filth spewing out from the National Front.

Fortunately, at that time there were still lots of active antiracist groups across South London.

The objectives were varied but basically came down to harrying, obstructing, intimidating and making life difficult for the fascists in the National Front to organise. These tactics were ultimately to succeed and cause internal ruptures in the National Front, which finally led to its collapse.

Since then antiracist and antifascist groups had diminished, the fascists have regrouped, the Left has splintered. Many have lost their way in direct opposition to fascism and some have even cuddled up to its more insidious forms.

So in memory of those days, Lewisham 77 is my site of the month.

I hope they produce some video documentaries covering the period, so that in 2007 more people can appreciate the need to oppose fascism, lock stock and barrel.

It would be nice to think that today’s generation could look into the origins of feminism and gay rights, then they might realise why supporting them now is as important as it was in 1977, if not more.

(Hat tip: Bob)

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14/08/2007 at 00:03

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