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Special Presents?

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Summer is over and winter approaches, so naturally our thoughts turn to presents for Saturnalia (Christmas or whatever festival you please), and as everyone knows buying presents is a problem, a big problem.

Still, spare a thought for the faux “anti-imperialist”, what can you get them? A Che T-shirt, nope they’ve got that. Subscription to the Socialist Worker? No, they’d probably vomit if you did. A trendy hat from Camden Lock? Been there, they’ve got the hat.

Now there is an alternative.

For all those wanna-be Nasrallah’s out there, Hezbollah presents: Special Forces 2

So instead of shouting “We are all Hezbollah”, today’s bizarre anti-imperialists can play out their very own psychotic Jew hating fantasies, for real, in a video game.

Your correspondent hasn’t had the opportunity to review the game fully, but I would expect that, for the sake of realism, it must include some of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s rabble rousing antisemitic speeches.

Special Forces 2 is destined to be a best seller amongst neo-Nazis and cranky Jew hating “anti-imperialists”.

As Gulf Daily News reports, there are some keen buyers already in the Middle East:

Bahrain Society Against Normalisation with the Zionist Enemy member and former chairman Mohammed Hassan Al Aradi praised Hizbollah for designing the game, saying he would be buying a copy for his family.

He said for a long time children had been playing war games in which the winners were always Americans or Europeans and the losers were Arabs and Asians – and it was about time this changed.”

So indoctrination of children seems to be acceptable if those being killed Israelis.

These and other violent video games are not recommended.

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21/08/2007 at 02:02

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