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Smoker’s Benefit ?

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Yes, do they according to new research as reported in the Guardian:

“The number of people being taken to hospital with heart attacks in Scotland has fallen significantly since the smoking ban was introduced, the most detailed study into the impact of the measure has revealed.

Researchers found a 17% drop in the number of people admitted for heart attacks in the year since the ban came into force, compared with an average 3% reduction a year over the previous decade. The reduction was most marked among non-smokers, with a 20% fall, compared with a 14% drop among smokers.”

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11/09/2007 at 20:51

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  1. Why do I suspect these stats as so much crap? How does a smoker benefit from being forced to smoke outside in the rain mystifies me. This is assuming that the numbers for non-smokers have anything to do with reality.

    Sorry for grumbling, but you guessed right – I am a smoker.


    15/09/2007 at 18:02

  2. Not sure really, but look at the pluses, you get more fresh air, you are rightly stigmatised as a smoker, probably die earlier as the result of heart or lung issues, and if you’re very unlucky you will be susceptible to more eye problems.

    Sorry that I couldn’t cheer you up.

    Winter is coming and GPs are giving out nicotine patches, now is a good time to stop!


    16/09/2007 at 00:15

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