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Fractured Trade Unionism

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The events unfolding in UCU are a prime example of how not to conduct trade unionism.

The posturing boycott of Israel campaign has proved divisive, disruptive and counter-productive to activism within UCU.

Since the vote at UCU conference to campaign for a boycott, Jews and others in Universities have been leaving UCU. Past activists are tearing up their union cards, as UCU is perceived as a union that is hostile to Jews.

But it gets worse, now there is the spectacle of previous “activists” arguing against the participation of members in union affairs, simply because they think they will lose the vote on the proposed boycott of Israel, when it is put to the wider membership.

A new site is arguing that this issue should be put to the full UCU membership, Campaign for a UCU ballot.

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24/09/2007 at 22:03

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