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Academic Boycott of the Guardian?

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The Guardian and Observer have digitised much of their historical archive of past newspapers, so scholars, students, academics and just the plain interested can search over a hundred years of newspapers, for free.

To view the raw newspapers costs a few pound, but to the historical researcher it’s probably worth it.

However, this causes a dilemma for those academics and political activists that strictly support a boycott of Israel, because the firm doing the hard work, of turning yellow page copies and microfilm into digitised images with a search facility, is an Israeli one, based in Tel Aviv.

So I hope that those sterling and principled individuals will not compromise their beliefs and use this “Israeli” technology, but they probably will, as they use mobile phones and computers often which were partly developed in Israel or when they visit hospital use treatments which were developed in Israel.

I suspect that the boycotters will momentarily forget their boycott of Israel and use that wonderful digital archive at the Guardian!

Is that the whiff of hypocrisy in the air?

(Hat tip: Engage)

Update: There is a freebie one-day pass up until the 30th November 2007, which I missed but Jim at Shiraz Socialist so ably spotted.

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07/11/2007 at 20:28

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