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Microsoft’s Own Goal or Potential Lawsuit?

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Microsoft are well known for their restrictive practices and shoddy software but the latest debacle makes you wonder if people in Redmond, Washington are suffering from too many booze ups or Christmas parties, as BetaNews reports:

“It seems as though the planned obsolescence that Microsoft committed so blatantly in Vista is now impacting Office 2003, too, with the arrival of Service Pack 3.

If you need to access old Microsoft file formats for early versions of Word, Excel, or Powerpoint — but you’ve suddenly and dramatically found yourself unable to do so — there’s an intentional reason from Microsoft behind that conundrum, according to a bulletin put out by Microsoft last month.

The reason for the unexpected incompatibility is that, by default, the SP3 update, which became available in mid-September, blocks the file formats used by these older desktop productivity tools from Microsoft.

Moroever, the same also holds true for the file formats used in older versions of products that just so happen to compete with some of Microsoft’s software offerings, such as the multiplatform Lotus Notes and Corel’s Quattro spreadsheet and Draw software.

The excuse given in Microsoft’s online document is that the earlier file formats from Microsoft and its rivals are “less secure” than the formats in Office 2003 and 2007…”

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