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The Heresy of Galileo

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Who would believe it?

We are in the 21st century, and the Catholic Church still has problems with Galileo?

Readers will remember that Galileo’s crime was to suggest that the Earth revolved round the Sun, and not the other way around.

For that crime, Galileo was tried for heresy and placed under house arrest until he died in 1642. The Times reports:

“Sixty one Italian scientists have signed a letter protesting against a planned visit this week by Pope Benedict XVI to Rome’s Sapienza University because of his stated views on Galileo.

In a letter to Renato Guarini, the university rector, the scientists said the visit was “incongruous”. The signatories include distinguished physicists such as Andrea Frova, author of a study of Galileo’s persecution by the Church, and Carlo Maiani, the recently appointed head of the Italian National Council for Research or CNR.

The letter said scientists felt “offended and humiliated” by a statement made in 1990 by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the modern descendant of the Inquisition – suggesting that the trial of Galileo for heresy because of his support for the Copernican system was justified in the context of the time.

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