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Open Thread on Anti-Imperialism.

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Anti-imperialism is the watchword of the new millennia. You can barely pick up a newspaper or scan the Internet without the word “anti-imperialism” popping out.

And yet what is really meant by anti-imperialism?

1. Is it anti-imperialism when roadside bombs kill Iraqi or American troops in Iraq?

2. Is it anti-imperialism when the UN office in Iraq is blown up?

3. Is it anti-imperialism when aid workers are deliberately targeted in Afghanistan?

Do you support any of the above? And if so, why?

4. Pressing on, is it legitimate anti-imperialism to rain down rockets on Israeli civilians in Sderot?

And do you agree with those attacks, or not?

Finally, if you’ve agreed with all or any of the above as legitimate, or in any way acceptable expressions of anti-imperialist sentiment, then please explain why the Scottish National liberation Army‘s campaign of poisoning random English civilians isn’t anti-imperialism too?

And if not, why not, when compared with the above examples?

I hope that some anti-imperialists will have the courage of their convictions, digests the above and describe what is acceptable in their views and more importantly, what is not?

I’m genuinely curious, because it seems to me to be nothing more than dressed up nihilism, and I would like to receive a logical explanation as to what is reasonable for the sake of “the cause”?

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