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6th of March

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The 2008 Global action day for Iranian trade unionists is taking place on the 6th of March, as Amnesty International states:

“Amnesty is deeply concerned about the plight of trade unionists in Iran, the persecution of independent trade unionists and non-compliance with international labour conventions. In particular Amnesty International worldwide is committed to long-term action on behalf of two trade unionists who have faced repeated incarceration and victimisation for the exercise of their legitimate trade union rights.

Mansour Ossanlu is leader of the Tehran Bus Workers’ Union, and Mahmoud Salehi was leader of a bakers’ union in Saqez. Amnesty consider trade unionist Ossanlu and Mahmoud Salehi to be prisoners of conscience, held solely for the legitimate exercise of their human rights, and we call for them to be released and for all charges to be dropped.”

Also see the Free Mansour Osanloo campaign at the ITF.

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