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Tibet and Burma

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The brutal suppression of protests in Burma last year brought forth considerable condemnation in the West, and now there is a similar situation occurring in Tibet. Protests against Chinese rule of Tibet are being violently suppressed in Tibet.

China annexed Tibet in 1951 and since then has repressed any native opposition, moving millions of Chinese settlers into Tibet and implementing a virtual media blackout of the barbaric Chinese regime in Lhasa.

The Associated Press reports:

“BEIJING (AP) — Protests led by Buddhist monks against Chinese rule in Tibet turned violent Friday, bathing Lhasa in smoke from tear gas, bonfires and burned shops, and posing a challenge to China on whether its image can withstand a harsh crackdown ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

The violence, which came on the fifth day of sporadic and largely peaceful protests, poses difficulties for a communist leadership that has looked to the Aug. 8-24 Olympics as a way to recast China as a friendly, modern power. Too rough a crackdown could put that at risk while balking could embolden protesters, costing Beijing authority in often restive Tibet.”

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15/03/2008 at 02:28

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  1. […] Personal posts at Bob from Brockley and Martin in the Margins—in addition to images of Buddhist monks hurling bricks at PLA soldiers—prompted me to write this. If you don’t frequent Bob or Martin’s blogs, you should. Also have a look at Modernityblog on Tibet and Burma. […]

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