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Gallway and The Colour Pink

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Galloway and slip of the tongue:

George Galloway is often given to an odd slip of the tongue and Saturday’s anti-war demo in London is another fine example. Galloway was being heckled and retorted

“the khaki war machine now has its pink contingent”

Pink is the colour normally associated with Gays.

Galloway is suggesting that Gays who bring up Iran’s appalling record of human rights abuses and murder against LGBTers are part of the military war machine, or at the very least doing their bidding.

What a travesty, it doesn’t occur to Galloway that people can be equally concerned about the Iranian theocracy’s murder of Gays and yet oppose a war with the Tehran rulers.

The two issues do not need to be counterpoised. Any war with Iran would be disastrous for the Middle East and the world and should be energetically opposed, however, that doesn’t mean that criticism of the repression and execution of Gays in Iran needs to be silenced.

Quite the opposite, the position of Gays and other minorities in a society is a good indicator of how healthy or how oppressive that society is. Gay rights are not an optional extra, they apply in Britain, Europe, America, not least the Middle East and people shouldn’t seek to excuse barbaric behaviour towards Gays, just because it occurs in a foreign country.

Galloway’s snide comment can be heard 02:54 into this clip.


Galloway second appearance on the Wright Stuff is even worse than the first, what a disgusting little toerag Galloway is:

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16/03/2008 at 14:38

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  1. Well said. He really is the most odious creep ever. Couldn’t bear to put his screaming youtube on my blog but I’ve linked to your post.

    On Iran, under what circs would you countenance an attack? If they were on the verge of perfecting a delivery system for a nuke? I agree that an invasion is a big no-no and we should be encouraging dissent against the fascist theocracy (rather than effectively propping it up like Gorgeous George). But I also see this from the Israelis’ point of view. They did the world a favour in the early 80s by taking out Saddam’s nascent nuclear plant, and I don’t know how I could object if they did the same thing with the Iranians. You couldn’t blame them for taking Ahmedinejad at his word…


    17/03/2008 at 13:18

  2. On Iran, under what circs would you countenance an attack

    I wouldn’t.

    there are any number of good reasons why attacking Iran would be disastrous:

    1) it won’t work, they have numerous secret laboratories, and would merely delay the inevitable
    2) it would unite the fractured people of Iran behind the religious rulers
    3) allowing the completion will show the full extent of the West’s complacency and the Iranian rulers’ duplicity
    4) Arab states are equally as worried about Iran
    5) military action is very crude and unpredictable
    6) it could led to the death of 100,000s


    17/03/2008 at 14:28

  3. Hmm. Yeah. On point 3 – if I was in Tel Aviv awaiting an incoming missile attack from Iran I’m not sure it would be all that satisfying to think “Now, people of the West, see the duplicity of the clerics in Tehran. See it for yourselves!” But all your other points are valid. And after the cupboard was bare of WMD in Iraq, no-one is going to take similar pre-attack sabre-rattling on the part of the US all that seriously. (Personally I think when the US went into Iraq they should have taken some WMD with them and planted it while Christiane Amanpour was in the loo. Belt and braces, innit).


    17/03/2008 at 14:38

  4. While what he said on wright stuff was wrong, the imperialist’s will use arguments such as Iran’s persecution of gays to mobilise for an attack on Iran, simple enough logic I think. Same with the Taliban and women. But I don’t see women in Aghanistan tearing off their burkhas and investing in skin care products, do you? Same is true that gay people face repression in America, as they do everywhere in the world, singling out Iran is a part of imperialist rhetoric.

    greased up chicken

    23/03/2008 at 21:42

  5. ahh right enough,

    so instead of saying WMDs, the Western nations are going to say “let’s bomb Iran, kill 10 of 1000s for the sake of Gays rights”?

    Hmm, can’t quite see how that argument will win anyone over? can you?

    Gays repressed in America ? OK, but that’s not the same as the State deliberately killing them, is it?

    how many Gays are executed for sodomy in America? zero? and in Iran? get back to me on that.


    24/03/2008 at 02:40

  6. No Gay in Iran has been executed because he/she is a gay, they have been punished for rape conviction. The Zionists and imperialists who are killing Muslims with pretext of a phony “War On Terror”, where majorities of the terrors on earth, at least for the past 500 years are committed by the West, either Britain, France, Israel, Germany, America, Canada, or Australia, they are using all the channels including gays to sell another imperialist/Zionist war against humanity, Iran, asking their agents, Ireland and Tatchell, to fool the western citizens around the world AGAIN. They sold WMD charge, a lie, with the help of their agents, Tatchell and Ireland, to wage war against a Muslim country where the bloody west installed Saddam, its leader, through CIA and MI6 in order to kill more than 30,000 Iraqi with a pretext of “fighting against communism” alone. Examples of the brutality and terrorist activities of the west is numerous and known to all “educated” people. The western population cooperated with their terrorist governments actively, like Ireland and Tatchell or passively to kill and rob other nations to keep their behind fat enough so when they fall, they fall on a mountain of FAT, in the other word, the ignorant population of the West HAVE BENEFITED FROM THE KILLING OF OTHER GROUPS. Therefore, they continue to kill and torture unless people of the central Asia, the Middle East and Africa be united to change the course.

    The Zionist/imperialist war has cost Iraqi people more than 1.2 million deaths, Americans themselves looted their museums to WIPE their contribution to civilization and humanity OFF the map and has forced 4.7 Iraqi people out of their land to make rooms for the children of the criminal West, the mercenaries and their thieves in name of corporation, who wipe the indigenous population of Americas off the map, now are robbing Iraq to fund and continue their occupation with the internal enablers, the Kurdish terrorists, spies of Israel and the US, to insult Iraqi people through rape and torture.

    Their population supporting the destruction of other group “sheep” style through mass killing and looting of Muslims now, or active support, Tatchell and Ireland, by waging psychological war through propaganda using mass media to spread lies and deception to sell their spurious charge like they did in Sudan, by staging a campaign based on a lie, “child slavery” to force the government in another Muslim country to hand in the South of Sudan to the terrorist, John Garang, who was trained by Israel and the US and received arm and money through “humanitarian aides”. The Zionist pro apartheid state of Israel did the same thing and forced the indigenous population of Palestine out of their land by act of murder and has filled the land by the robbers, as settlers of European decent, who had experience in land grabbing, to occupy the land for the past 60 through mass killings including babies, torture, house demolition, forced deportation and “target assassination” to wipe Palestinians off the map. This is not human quality. Whoever claims Iran kills Gays because they are gays is a LIAR and those who buy this lie are FOOLS.

    Stop killing people of other civilization so you can make your behind bigger. Your behind is already BIG and UGLY. Your lies and bloody actions for the past 500 years with your “civilizing mission” and “American exceptionalism” make you STICK OUT as criminals. We don’t need another war against Iran to prove your true qualities. Your qualities are known to every continent on the planet. You have substituted MONGOL which was hated since the 13th century with the axis of evil the US – Israel
    and Britain. Congratulations.


    05/04/2008 at 14:54

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