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Open Thread On How To Defeat The Fascists.

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There’s a fair amount of discussion on how best to stop the fascists in Britain and Jim makes some very good suggestions in the comments box at Stroppy’s. Over at Liam’s there is a sectarian fit going on (interspersed with some rather lucid and intelligent points).

Martin Ohr points to the AWL’s Where now for anti-fascism? A response to Searchlight

Stroppy hits the nail on the head:

“Over at Liam’s, in what was a good post on the demo and ways forward, the SWP and Respect lot snarl at each other like a couple after a nasty divorce and the left are a bit like the kids, caught in the cross fire and suffering from the bitterness all around.

If the BNP wanders over to some of the left blogs and read this they will be laughing. They have got their act together whilst we snipe.

This shouldn’t be about building the Party, paper selling or fighting each other. Its the BNP we should be fighting and we owe it to those who will suffer the most as they gain seats and credibility while we lose ours.”

It seems to me that the political landscape has moved on in 30 years and tactics which were successful before can no longer be guaranteed to succeed, my concern is that the BNP will somehow transform themselves into a Le Pen type broad based right wing party, with all of its ramifications.

I don’t know how best to stop the Extreme Right nowadays, given the weakness amongst BNP opponents. I’m open to constructive suggestions and any ideas that people might have?

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