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A Greener Haltemprice and Howden?

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David Davis’s ploy to call a by-election on the issue of 42 days detention was a spectacular political move, it outflanked new Labour and mystified his Tory colleagues, but his actions probably have more to do with internal Tory party politics than any sudden conversion to the politics of libertarianism.

After all Davis is happy for people to be locked up for 28 days, but suddenly balks at 42? Not exactly highly principled.

This by-elections is a prime opportunity for opponents of incarceration without charge to bring up Davis’s less than spectacular record. He faces some 25 candidates, including the Green, Shan Oakes.

I can’t say I am particularly enthused by the Greens but it seems that Ms. Oakes has a fair record as a teacher and campaigner, and I wish anyone well that opposes the Tories.

Update via Liberal Conspiracy: David Icke is running!

The Beeb has the full list (so far):

“Grace Christine Astley – Independent
David Laurence Bishop – Church of the Militant Elvis Party
Ronnie Carroll – Make Politicians History
Mad Cow-Girl – The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
David Craig – Independent
Herbert Winford Crossman – Independent
Tess Culnane – National Front Britain for the British
Thomas Faithful Darwood – Independent
David Michael Davis – Conservative
Tony Farnon – Independent
Eamonn “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick – Independent
Christopher Mark Foren – Independent
Gemma Dawn Garrett – Miss Great Britain Party
George Hargreaves – Christian Party
Hamish Howitt – Freedom 4 Choice
David Icke – No party listed
John Nicholson – Independent
Shan Oakes – Green Party
David Pinder – The New Party
Joanne Robinson – English Democrats: Putting England First
Jill Saward – Independent
Norman Scarth – Independent
Walter Edward Sweeney – Independent
Christopher John Talbot – Socialist Equality Party
John Randle Upex – Independent
Greg Wood – Independent”

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Saluting Israel.

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For anyone in London at the weekend, this is a must see event and guaranteed to get up the noses of fascists and their ilk:

Salute to Israel and for more information.

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Cleaning Up Puke.

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The cleaners on London’s Tube have a lot to content with, the detritus of humanity as puke, vomit and excrement, for all of that they are paid a pittance with poor service conditions.

They are going on strike on the 26th June 2008 and the 1st to 2nd July, justifiably so in my book, as their demands are very moderate:

At least £7.20 per hour, the minimum London living wage set by the GLA last year;
Full sick pay;
Final Salary Pensions;
28 days annual leave plus bank holidays (at the moment some cleaners only two weeks);
Free travel;
An end to third party sackings – this is the practice of cleaners being dismissed with no disciplinary hearing or right of appeal at the order of parties other than the employer.

For more information, see the Tubeworker blog

There is even a Facebook group.

I hope they post on YouTube too.

(Hat Tip: Stroppy)

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