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Cleaning Up Puke.

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The cleaners on London’s Tube have a lot to content with, the detritus of humanity as puke, vomit and excrement, for all of that they are paid a pittance with poor service conditions.

They are going on strike on the 26th June 2008 and the 1st to 2nd July, justifiably so in my book, as their demands are very moderate:

At least £7.20 per hour, the minimum London living wage set by the GLA last year;
Full sick pay;
Final Salary Pensions;
28 days annual leave plus bank holidays (at the moment some cleaners only two weeks);
Free travel;
An end to third party sackings – this is the practice of cleaners being dismissed with no disciplinary hearing or right of appeal at the order of parties other than the employer.

For more information, see the Tubeworker blog

There is even a Facebook group.

I hope they post on YouTube too.

(Hat Tip: Stroppy)

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26/06/2008 at 02:12

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