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Protests Against China’s Imperialism.

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Just as Western leaders were preparing to kowtow to the Beijing dictatorship and many Western radicals are still in denial about China’s invasion of Tibet something bold and different has occurred.

A few brave individuals have travelled all the way to China to highlight the plight of the Tibetans, living under repressive Chinese rule, as the Guardian reports:

“Iain Thom was one of two Britons who, together with two Americans, hung outlawed Tibetan flags and Free Tibet banners close to the main Olympic stadium.

Iain Thom, 24, from Edinburgh, is on leave of absence from Friends of the Earth Scotland, where he works as an environmental justice project officer. “We’ve done this action today to highlight the Chinese government’s use of the Beijing Olympics as a propaganda tool,” said Iain Thom, in a recorded mobile phone conversation.

“They are whitewashing their human rights record on Tibet so our action today shines a spotlight on those atrocities. In March, Tibetans took to the streets, risking everything in their calls for justice and human rights, and we stand today, with this action, in solidarity with those calls.”

That is bravery, and what do we see from Western rulers, the media, and yesterday’s radicals, etc?

Not a lot, they don’t want to offend the Chinese dictatorship, lest they retaliate.

Did someone say “speaking truth to power”? Er, well, not if the Chinese ruling classes doesn’t like it

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