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Xenophobic Irony?

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I confess that I don’t particularly like the Chinese Government, but I positively love the Chinese people and hope they enjoy the Olympics, they deserve it with all that they’ve suffered. Moreover I wish those Chinese studying Paris, a great, great time, at the site of the NF’s ex-HQ, as the Times reports:

“Jean-Marie Le Pen, the French far-right leader who built his career on a hardline stance against his twin bugbears — immigration and globalisation — is to suffer the ultimate indignity. Indebted, ageing and under fire, he has been forced to embrace both to try to save his party from bankruptcy.

Mr Le Pen’s National Front, which is facing financial ruin, has admitted plans to sell its headquarters to a Chinese university in a deal estimated at between €15 million (£11.8 million) and €20 million.

Shanghai University wants to use the 5,000sqm office space — which has reverberated to Mr Le Pen’s tub-thumping rants against foreigners over the past three decades — to teach French to Chinese students.

The building in Saint-Cloud, on the outskirts of Paris, would be used by some of the 20,000 Chinese people who already study in France.


How ironic?

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