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Trendy Boycotts.

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Boycotting Israel is very trendy, even some Greens are doing it, but I doubt heart attack patients will be so keen, given the benefits of Israeli medical research, the Torygraph reports:

“Researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University developed the gel, codenamed BL-1040, which helps to repair heart tissue after it is damaged in a heart attack.

After an attack scar tissue forms which tends to be thinner and weaker than the original. The left ventricle also becomes dangerously enlarged. Consequently the heart has to work harder to function, which can trigger future heart failure.

The gel – derived from an ordinary type of brown seaweed – helps aid regrowth, thickening the tissue and so lessening the risk of a further heart attack.

According to information released about the gel, it helps strengthen the heart by providing the “scaffold” for the tissue to regenerate better.

It is injected as a liquid via a catheter inserted through the groin and turns into a gel upon contact with the damaged cardiac tissue.

After six weeks the gel is naturally eliminated from the body, researchers found.

Tests on animals show 90 per cent of those which had been injected with the gel survived a heart attack, compared to 40 per cent of those which had not.

Human trials have already begun in Germany, Belgium and Israel.

Professor Smadar Cohen, who co-developed the treatment at Ben Gurion University, said: “What it does is quite remarkable.”

British doctors believe the gel could help reduce the risk of death among patients who have suffered more serious heart attacks, cutting deaths by up to 20,000 a year. ”

If you are silly enough to want to boycott Israel, then make sure you stop using all of that wonderful Israeli developed/assisted equipment (mobile phones, PCs, Microsoft software, the Internet, IP Routers, etc), not just avocados!

oh and instead of using that wonderful Israeli medical technology, above is just one example, Boycotters should start using leeches! Then again I suppose that they already do 🙂

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