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Duke, Cushman and Delich – Silly and Counter-productive.

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Harry’s Place blog has been attacked, for publishing a true story about the shenanigans on the UCU activist list.

HP posted a fairly simple, factually accurate post on Jenna Delich and her incredibly stupid mistake of reading David Duke’s web site and posting a link to it.

As any competent antifascist would know David Duke is an ex-grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, had a love of dressing up like a Nazi and disseminates racist filth from his web site.

Strangely, rather than admit this mistake, apologise profusely and move on, Jenna Delich and her supporters chose to attack HP.

The attack on HP is extremely foolish for the obvious reasons that the post is factually accurate and attacking HP will draw more attention to the initial event.

Ultimately the attack on HP will be counter-productive, it will publicise the issue more and more, it won’t restrict the Internet, quite the opposite, HP will reappear in multiple places.

Whilst authoritarians and dictators throughout the world will want to try and restrict the Internet, censor it wherever possible, that won’t work, human ingenuity will prevail and so it is with the actions of a few peculiar UCU “activists”, they won’t succeed either.

Neither you, Mr. Cushman, Ms. Delich or other wannabe authoritarians will be able to restrict the Internet or blogs.

I’m asking other bloggers to consider the dangerous precedent set by Mr. Cushman and Ms. Delich. They attack a blog for publishing a factually accurate rendition of events, they manage temporarily to close down a blog, remember bloggers tomorrow it maybe you.

Support HP and publicise this peevish attack on them.

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News on Harry’s Place – 26 August 2008 onwards.

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HP is experiencing a few problems at the moment. They have a temporary blog set up at

I will update when more information comes in.

Update 1: a backup of the backup has been created and I will re-post as much as I can.

Update 2: Support is coming in strong, here’s an amusing blog:

Update 3: read the Contentious Centrist on Disabled Harry “Pretty incredible stuff. A new definition for chutzpa: She distributes a link to a bone-fide neo-Nazi website and takes umbrage at those who pay attention.”

Update 4:
Mr Eugenides comments. Bob is excellent as ever, Matt deserves a prize, what a good way of putting it:

“You know: check that your tires are properly inflated before you get into your car. (Never mind that some people should just give their keys to a friend.) And even if there are no swastikas prominently displayed on the website you’d like to recommend, if it has prominent links to sites that do have swastikas prominently displayed, that’s a good indication that you should sober up before entering the debate.

David Hirsh adds, “I would add this: if you agree with what is written on a fascist website then you should stop and wonder why that might be.” “

Update 5: Solidarity with Harry’s Place comes in from A Very Public Sociologist. Ditto unitalian, Eric Lee says “Sue me”. Z-Word Blog. Mick Hartley. red star commando is no holds barred as ever.

Update 6: Luke warm support from 10 percent. Rosie at Shiraz Socialist reminds everyone to “Think before you link”.

Update 7: International support from Portugal and Israel, thanks Sarah and Ami.

Update 8:
Engage is good at piecing together the issue.

Update 9: Fabian explains it in Spanish, Harry’s Place está caído. Francis goes straight to the TUC.

Update 10:
Duncan’s on board.

Update 11: Support is pouring Left, Right and, er, other places, from Renegade Eye and the Exile. Socialist Unity is doing its bit, and as expected a heated discussion follows on basics.

PS: if I miss anyone off, apologies, just send me an email to confirm your support of HP to with the subject line: I support HP.

Update 12: Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion covers it.

Update 13: Index on Censorship does a small piece.

Update 14: Marko comments. SnoopyTheGoon at SimplyJews take a direct approach. The web’s news consolidator, wikio, has picked up the story. The hyphen could be to blame? get the Ministry of Truth take on events.

Update 15: complexsystemofpipes posts “Now, I haven’t seen what HP actually wrote about JD, for reasons that will become clear.” I am speechless.

Update 16: Even the Tory, Benjamin Gray see the issue, along with SB news, For proletarian internationalism. Static Squids put it succinctly. Free Speech & The Blogosphere from Unenlightened Commentary.

Update 17: The Green Guru, Derek Wall is “horrified by the fact that a legal threat is being made to shut the blog down and I think it is important to spread the word and give a bit of solidarity.”

Update 18:
Boycotted British Academic says “I feel compelled to speak out today, even if these days I mostly find myself speechless again, beyond words, for I want to register my alarm at this very troubling development, which risks doing to the blogosphere what has been done to my union, which now functions solely as a reliable source for a most abominable hate-fest, thanks to the fact that union debates take place in conditions in which the only speech which gets protected is that of the racists.”

Update 19: Serendipity ! Bob is seeing the same pattern as me.

Update 20: Rather strange debate at discarded lies . More Green support from the Daily (Maybe) who remarks preceptively : “It’s one thing to link to abhorrent material (after all I’ve even done so in this post, it can be impossible to avoid if you’re to allow the reader to judge for themselves) but it’s quite another to kick up a fuss when someone highlights the fact that you did so.”

Update 21: mushkush says “The internet is a beautiful thing. Help it grow.” BlackSunReview.

Update 22: HP is back!!

Update 23: The final one for a while, as HP is back. An Insomniac. Back Spin supports HP.

Update 24: A few more coming in, Bunch of Crooks and NeoConstant make strange bed fellows on this issue. The Social Republican, not what you’d think.

Update 25: Tidied up some links and Adam Holland sent his support.

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