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Harry’s Place Updates.

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I am updating a post below on the status of things, when I hear something you will.

If anyone wishes inclusion, please just email me with the subject line: I support HP.

In the future, I hope to do a bigger post (a pick of the posts) on the type of support that HP has received from the blogosphere, many of the posts are funny and very pointed, , far better than my feeble contribution.

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27/08/2008 at 15:11

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The Implications of Silencing Harry’s Place.

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The attack on Harry’s Place should worry anyone with a blog, as it sets a dangerous precedence which could be used against them as well.

What happens to Harry’s Place blog today, could happen to you tomorrow.

To re-cap:

1. The original Harry’s Place blog has been forced off-line after a complaint to their DNS provider.

2. The complaint seems to relate to a factually accurate post on how a UCU member posted a link to David Duke’s web site in the UCU activists’ email list.

3. Instead of addressing the issue of why Jenna Delich couldn’t work out the racist nature of David Duke’s web site they attacked the messenger, HP.

If HP’s DNS/ISP can capitulate to this false complaint then when you write an article on your blog the same could happen to you.

So I urge bloggers to support HP and publicise this issue.

And remember when the chips were down HP supported one of their major critics, Craig Murray, because it was the right thing to do. Threats should not be used to close down legitimate blogging.

Think about the implications for your own blog.

I have included updates in this post.

The temporary HP is at

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27/08/2008 at 01:30

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