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Round Up of HP’s Outage and Support.

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Now that the dust has settled, HP is back, it is time to reflect on the support that Harry’s Place received during their outage. This post is my subjective recollection of things.

Firstly, I should say that support came from across the political spectrum, from class warriors like Darren to those considerably more conservative, Neoconstant.

Picking through the many messages and posts it becomes apparent that bloggers saw the primacy of the issue: allow a vexatious complaint to bring down one blog and it sets a precedence to bring down others, even their own.

That was the general sentiment, as I saw it.

There was a minority of individuals, Exile is uppermost in these, that whilst loathing Harry’s Place were prepared to give their support through gritted teeth.

A very small group found it very hard to countenance any form of support for Harry’s Place, and what seemed noticeable was that they were oblivious to the possible consequences for themselves, or simply didn’t care. But I don’t want to concentrate too much on these negative headbangers.

Support for HP increased as news filtered through hour by hour. Initially using a simple google search of “harry’s place” “jenna delich” resulted in 21 hits, but the last count it had gone up to some 2100, a hundred fold increase, defeating the purpose of the attack on Harry’s Place.

Rather than shut HP down, it brought these nasty events into focus and heightened awareness of racism on the UCU activist list.

I dispatched a few email to some notable public figures (you know who you are) but didn’t receive any response and looking at their web pages/blogs I suppose they were either on holiday, too busy, oblivious to the issues or couldn’t care less.

So really, support for HP came from the average blogger, not the hotshots, vacant intellectuals or the political sociopaths. I think that HP’s supporter saw the indignity of the attack on HP, for factually reporting events and then suffering a complete loss of service, blacked out from the Internet totally.

People may wonder if this was all a cunning “Zionist” conspiracy (well, certain types of cranks would naturally wonder that, blaming all of the worlds’ problems on “Zionists”, even when the buses are slow, or there’s bad weather, etc). No, it wasn’t.

I emailed David T when I noticed that HP was down, he couldn’t give me all the details and I think that Brett had setup the blogspot archive by then, not 100% sure, I haven’t spoken to them either much on the chronology of events. So that was that. HP was down, now what to do?

The initial events weren’t too clear to anyone, who did what and why, were not precisely known, as far as I can tell. The DNS provider was not terribly forthcoming as to who was the complainant, but that didn’t stop bloggers from blogging.

The blogger’s messages reflect that initial confusion, I suspect some felt that HP was just suffering a hardware problem and didn’t worry too much.

Two particular messages of support stand out in my mind, not only for their ferocity and directness but for their wit.

Darren Red Star scores for blog post title: Nazi loving academics- Fuck off!

He writes “the idiotic nature of the ‘anti- imperialist’ left in its opposition to zionism now means that the racist rantings of neo- nazis are acceptable if they oppose the jewish state.”

Ami Isseroff in Israel:

“The first point is that we seem to have settled the question of whether or not anti-Zionism is or is not the same as anti-Semitism. Delich and her friends can plead and have pleaded that it was an “innocent mistake” and that she didn’t know who David Duke was. Let’s assume that is true. Delich read the article by an anti-Semite at an anti-Semitic Web site and found it to be identical with her views. What does that tell us about anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism? Can anyone really believe they are different now? And this is the ideology that is fueling the boycott Israel movement, isn’t it?

The second point is that if Jenna Delich really didn’t know who David Duke is, and none of the hundreds of people who got that e-mail recognized the name either, then the Boycott Israel movement in the UK is evidently being lead by ignoramuses. Can anyone believe any of the “facts” and arguments they present? Isn’t it logical to assume that this incident reveals what Delich and her Boycott Israel friends have been doing all along: repackaging anti-Semitic lies as “legitimate criticism of Israel” either knowingly, or because they were unaware of the nature of the source of the materials?”

Read more of Darren here and Ami’s great blog.

More to follow in the days to come, if I’ve missed out any sharp messages of support, please point me to them.

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30/08/2008 at 02:04

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  1. I think it is fair to say that it was average bloggers that carried this story into the stratosphere, but I’m not complaining about the response from the big boys and girls.

    For a start, it’s August. Several bloggers/commentators who I would expect to be all over this story are on holiday or otherwise indisposed (Oliver Kamm, Melanie Phillips, Stephen Pollard, Nick Cohen). One or more of these will probably post on the matter when they get back to work. The ones I’ve emailed or otherwise badgered have voiced support for HP (Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes). I’m not saying this is through my efforts – if I thought to mail them I don’t doubt others have too.

    What was heartening for me was the response from several people on what I now learn is still quaintly called the “anti-imperialist left”. Heaps of respect due to A Very Public Sociologist and Exile, as well as Andy Newman.

    Perhaps we can still persuade some of them to sign up for the global Zionist neocon conspiracy…;)

    Paul Dennett

    30/08/2008 at 07:37

  2. Interestingly, during the lawsuit against Harry’s Place brought by the British Muslim Initiative, I started the first HP blogburst, which garnered widespread support from some “hotshots” as you termed it including Instapundit, Gates of Vienna, etc.

    Just an interesting discrepancy….

    E.D. Kain

    31/08/2008 at 03:15

  3. Modernity,

    What to say? A lot of people probably didn’t reply to you because by the time they had got around to it the whole matter was over. HP was off-line for less than 24 hours, so it was not comparable with the Craig Murray business that dragged on for a lot longer.

    Let me make one point before I leave you in peace. The posting that started all this off was not 100% accurate. In fact, it had that many inaccuracies that it could be called an HP smear. When I described HP as “a smear machine disguised as a blog” that hit home with a lot of folk who remembered other HP stunts. Bob From Brockley wrote in to say that he had changed the wording of one of his postings to reflect that fact that Jenna Delich was not a David Duke fan. The problem is that he had got that line from HP who had used it as part of their smear.

    You cannot attack people as HP did with this woman and then expect the whole world to rally to you when you are attacked in your turn. I took the view that freedom of speech overrode other considerations, but other people may have felt that the fact that HP brought the problem on themselves, and got what they deserved, was the important factor.

    Just a thought…


    31/08/2008 at 09:13

  4. neo,

    different countries, diffrent usages 🙂 by hotshots I don’t mean web sites, I was referring to some of the political columnists that I emailed.

    frankly, I would have expected that from most US based web sites, the issue of freedom of speech is a debated political concept over there, not so in parts of Europe


    “The posting that started all this off was not 100% accurate. “

    really? are all of our posts 100% accurate? I’d doubt that very much, how many bloggers could say “yes, all of my posts are 100% accurate and I don’t use some degree of journalistic license?”, is Lenin’s Tomb an example? not a strong argument

    support or don’t support, that’s people’s choice, they can do whatever they want, I don’t find it coincidental that those least likely to support HP were those so hung up on “Zionists”, hmm.


    31/08/2008 at 13:26

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  7. The silent jew!
    In 100 years time, there will not be one jew subsisting in Europe! European jews please feel free to comment?!

    paul maleski

    29/11/2008 at 14:44

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