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Rounding Up Support, Part 2.

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Following on from my previous post.

The Duke of Chaos provides some background to the incident noting that

“The 700-strong mailing list of the British Union of Colleges and Universities (UCU, aka Uck-U)is currently permitting a patently one-sided discussion of a boycott of Israeli academics by self-termed “political activists”.

It’s rather good so keep on reading it.

Contrast that with A Very Public Sociologist,

“Personally, I have very little time for the politics peddled on HP. Warmed over social democracy plus humanitarian imperialism plus trenchant Zionism do not suit my radical palate. But they have as much right to push their rubbish politics as any other blogger, regardless of how distasteful they can be at times. So down with the complaints, the writs and the threats of court action, and away with those of censorious intent. If you’re stupid enough to make the kind of mistake Jenna Delich did, then you should take the blowback on the chin, not scrabble around for a lawyer’s letter.

The discussion in the comments box is very revealing. AVPS showed his considerable principle by vigorously defending his position there and at Socialist Unity blog. He’s fairly unique in that respect, others took a rather tame approach but commendably AVPS didn’t.

Snoopy’s more direct and less apologetic:

“Aside of the current UK law on libel being ridiculous, there is a supreme irony in the way the two lowlifes mentioned above behaved. These two belong to a small but vociferous crowd of “anti-Zionists” that chronically complain about being muzzled by everyone – from the Zionist lobby to the British Royal Post. And look what have they perpetrated. It will be quite difficult for them to revive their favorite strawman now, I am afraid.

The final word goes to Richard Bartholomew:

“First, it was an Uzbek billionaire. Then, it was a Nigerian homeopath. And now…some left-wing activists have followed suit in dealing with on-line criticism in the UK, not by argument, but by making libel threats against a webhost. The result – as before – is that a blog has been taken down without any actual legal action having taken place, such is the fear around British libel laws.”

More later on.

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31/08/2008 at 15:40

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  1. Thanks for linking, MB.



    31/08/2008 at 18:10

  2. you’re welcome, ever see “what the papers say?” that’s my attitude

    I thought that many people had sharper things to say on the issue than me, and they said them so well that it needs acknowledging


    31/08/2008 at 19:22

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