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Support Freedom of Political Expression.

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HP has an excellent post on the curtailment of civil liberties in Liverpool, I had been reading an article on the arrest of Tony Aitman earlier at SU blog and it made me think about the parallels with the recent outage at HP.

It is easy to support those we agree with, but much harder when we have major political differences with them. So the wide range of support for HP showed that sometimes principle is slightly more important than short term bitterness towards political adversaries, and this issue is a case in point.

A very dangerous precedence has been set by Liverpool Council, they are trying to clear away political activism from the street. They recently harassed some Socialist Party members in Liverpool and eventually arrested one member.

This matter has much wider implications for civil liberties, freedom of expression and political pluralism.

If SP members wish to have a small stall putting forward their point of view then they should be entitled to, otherwise, it is the thin end of the wedge, which leads to the restriction of political expression in the streets, all on the say so and whim of a local Council.

And that is not something that anyone should welcome.

I urge readers to support the SP and Tony Aitman in this matter.

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