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Don’t Exclude Mike Cushman.

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Shocking news from Engage, the confidentiality of the UCU activist list has been broken by Mike Cushman.

Readers will remember that Dr. David Hirsh has been excluded from the UCU activist list after he exposed the border-line racism which permeated it.

In the spirit of freedom of political expression Mr. Cushman should not be excluded from the UCU activist list, and this blog will support Mr. Cushman if he’s attacked by UCU bureaucrats. Let’s stop this nonsense, open up the UCU activist list!

Readers will remember that Mr. Cushman stoked up the flames when HP exposed Ms. Delich’s silly actions, and he may have (I am not 100% sure) been responsible for closing down Harry’s Place for a couple of days.

But leave that aside, support Mr. Cushman, open up the UCU activist list!

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08/09/2008 at 20:45

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