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Technology News: Wine

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As a break, some technology news:

Wine is now at 1.1.4, development version and overall very useful. If you’re stuck with Windows XP or that chronically slow Vista then you should think about switching over to Linux.

The method is fairly simple:

1. Compile a list of the applications that you use most and either find suitable Linux versions (there’s 1000’s out there) or check the Wine AppDB to see if it runs trouble free under Wine.

2. Having done that, get a spare machine, so it doesn’t matter if you scramble the disk (not too likely, but best be safe).

3. Pick a major distro and migrate your files over either by burning a CD/DVD or using a cheap USB stick.

4. Keep the original files safe, for months, no matter what, then experiment with Linux, see if you like that (I don’t have to reboot every few hours) feeling.

Some major distributions that I like are: Mandriva, MEPIS, Kubuntu and PCLinuxos, but don’t take my word for it, there’s a positive feast at Distrowatch. Polish Linux is also worth a visit.

Slow machines tend to benefit from Antix, Zenwalk, Damn Small, GoblinX and SliTaz.

Also, if you’re stuck with a useless but serviceable machine try GParted and SystemRescue.

If you’ve decided to switch over, think about it, what applications are must haves, others nice but you can find an alternative, etc.

Invest some time and effort to document your test installations and what you found out. Play around, read informative blogs, tinker until you’re happy.

Linux can seem a bit fiddly to setup but once you’re done, then it can be rock solid, just take the time to do the job properly.

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