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Far Right Yet Again.

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If there is one constant in politics from the 1930s, it is how we all (and I include myself) tend to underestimate the Far Right.

We often think “how can anyone vote for those xenophobic cranks ?” or “who would trust those dressed up knuckle scrapers ?”, yet people do and the appalling results from Austria bear that out, the Indy reports:

“The Freedom Party, led by Heinz-Christian Strache, gained more than 18 per cent of the vote – nearly doubling its share of support – after running a vitriolic campaign against “foreign criminals” and “asylum cheats” and pledging to take Austria out of the EU.

A second right-wing party, the Alliance for the Future of Austria, headed by the veteran far-right populist Jörg Haider upped its support from 4 to 11.5 per cent. A spokesman for Mr Haider’s party described the result as a ” historic success” yesterday. “It will completely change the political landscape in Austria,” he said.

A triumphant Mr Haider went on Austrian television last night and insisted that both right-wing parties should now work together. “Voters now expect us to do something for Austria. They do not want us steeped in animosity and fighting each other,” he said. Mr Haider broke with the Freedom Party in 2005 after a row and subsequently formed his breakaway Alliance.

The combined vote of both rightist parties equalled that obtained by Austria’s Social Democrats, who picked up just over 29 per cent of the vote. The conservatives won some 26 per cent. However, final results are not expected to be known until the beginning of October, after postal ballots have all been counted. “

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