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Garzón on Francoism.

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Well, sort of, thanks to Fabian for this article, and I wish I had the wits to translate it into decent Spanish, but nowadays I can’t, so you’ll have to do with a mechanical version from Google.

My apologies to any Spanish speakers, I appreciate how computer based translations can really make you grit your teeth. The original and Google’s version:

“MADRID .- The History, capitalized, will, as always, the last word. But, as it is for the little story, and before the judge Baltasar Garzon, the dictator Francisco Franco (1939-1975) has just been declared “innocent officer” in the aberrations committed in the period after the Civil War.”

My feeling is that this issue will not rest and I hope to read Paul Preston’s assessment of the judgment shortly, he’s probably writing it as we speak.

here it is: “British historian Paul Preston said recently that the need for an investigation would not go away if Garzon did not proceed.

“In a way the body politic is like any body, if there’s a wound it needs cleaning and it’s never going to heal until that’s done,” Preston said.”

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20/11/2008 at 01:41

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  1. garzon did what he could. he was not strong enough to beat the system. he was prevented from opening the common graves and declared not competent to do so, so in order not to jeopardize the possibility to continue the process, he droped it, so that local courts in the areas where the common graves are have the possibility to continue with the processes.

    he declared franco innocent just like milosevic is innocent. they are dead, so they cannot be considered anything else but innocent. what garzon did was to declare him innocent because of the fact that franco is dead. it is a procedure.

    I’ll write more extensively about this, but unfortunately I’m overloaded with work and passing through a phase where it seems to be difficult to focus.

    anyway, this issue has been open and now there are lots of people who are not willing to have it closed again.

    this is an excellent resource for this issue. it’s in spanish.

    Sarah Franco

    20/11/2008 at 10:13

  2. you should try to have the rest of the article translated…(that is if you didn’t).

    Sarah Franco

    20/11/2008 at 10:19

  3. thanks Sarah,

    twas a bit late when I posted, I see your point, as Franco is dead, he can’t be tried, thus in legal terms is “innocent”, there is some name for it. I forget.

    Cheers 🙂


    20/11/2008 at 13:02

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