“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Whilst I Remember.

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A few odds and sods before I get around to commenting on the BNP membership leak in earnest:

1) Socialist Unity covered the BNP leak, although I had hoped for a useful debate on the topic of anti-fascism as ever they ended up fighting like ferrets in a sack. Shame. I am just thankful that the Far Right are so fractured and disorganized, as it seems that a percentage of the British Left are more interested in bickering with each other, rather than seeing the positive side to this incident.

2) Wikio is a good place to find interesting blogs (mine is NOT there!).

3) The Mandriva community have just released an Xfce4 version of Mandriva’s Linux One 2009, I found the previous version fairly handy.

3) The Colombia Journal seems like a stimulating read for anyone concerned with Latin America.

4) Fresh is Grass’s links pointed me towards the Middle East Pact and the Abraham Fund Initiatives, worth a read.

5) The PA has taken out adverts in Israeli newspapers on an Arab peace plan, and despise many false dawns I hope this is a possible opening, and that the Israel Government deals severely with those Hebron settlers that desecrated a mosque.

6) Finally, Wine is steaming along and is at 1.1.8 development version, great!

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21/11/2008 at 02:56

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