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News from Moscow

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I had intended to cover the Iraqi National Library and do some technological stuff on browsers and small Linux distros, but they’ll hold for another day.

News in from Moscow:

“A group of racist skinheads who carried out 18 brutal murders in Russia’s capital Moscow have been sentenced to jail terms of between six and 20 years.

The gang of seven targeted non-Slavic migrants in the city between August 2006 and October 2007.

Many of the attackers were minors at the time. Besides killing 18 people, they also tried to murder another 12, the court heard.

The group posted video of some of their crimes on the internet.

The prosecution argued that the defendants had formed an organised group with the aim of murdering migrants from Asian and Caucasian regions of the former Soviet Union.

In other words, they targeted people who did not look white, or Slavic, the BBC’s James Rodgers in Moscow said.

Even in a city frequently the scene of racist violence, this gang’s crimes stood out, our correspondent said.

Russia has been plagued by a series of racially motivated attacks, some of them fatal, in recent years.

Between January and October this year 113 people were killed in racist attacks in Russia and 340 were wounded, according to the Moscow Human Rights Bureau.”

The problem goes back more than a few years, as the BBC reported in 2006:

“Reports of racist attacks in Russia have become disturbingly regular in recent years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted that his country was not doing enough to protect foreigners, while Amnesty International, the human rights group, described the situation as “out of control”. “

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